Summit Graphics: The Art and Impact of Wrapmate Pro Installer

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In the vibrant landscape of Commerce City, Colorado, where every vehicle is a canvas waiting to tell a brand’s story, stands Summit Graphics—an industry leader in the art of vehicle wraps. Meet Jason Johnson, the maestro behind Summit Graphics, as he unveils the secrets of their success and the transformative partnership with Wrapmate that has elevated their craft.

Crafting a Glossy Symphony

Imagine a canvas that not only speaks but gleams with a glossy finish. Summit Graphics, with 18 years of mastery, has found its favorite note—the 3M IJ180CV3. Jason reveals the allure of this film, the gloss laminate 8518, and the dance of light and color that sets their wraps apart in the competitive world of vehicle branding.

The Nuanced Rhythm of Vehicle Wraps

Just as music has its varied tempos, Summit Graphics plays with nuances in vehicle wraps. Jason shares the secret of the ultra-matte laminate, offering a unique look and feel. The matte-gloss fusion, as he describes it, adds an extra coolness factor to certain wraps, creating visual symphonies that resonate with the essence of each brand.

Wrapmate Pro: A Conductor of Seamless Projects

In the grand orchestra of vehicle wrapping, being a Wrapmate Pro is akin to having a conductor who orchestrates projects with precision. Jason highlights the perks—projects that come to them, professional designs, and fair industry-standard pricing. With Wrapmate, Summit Graphics has played a part in wrapping over 50 vehicles for around 20 different customers.

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Summit Graphics Creates Visual Symphonies on the Roads

Jason’s experience as a Wrapmate Pro is a testament to the seamless collaboration that results in smooth installations and satisfied clients. Take, for instance, Independent Power Systems—a partnership that has seen Summit Graphics wrap seven of their vehicles. The ease of the process, coupled with effective communication, turns each vehicle into a rolling billboard that speaks volumes for the brand.

Independent Power Systems’ Fleet Evolution

Envision a fleet transformed into rolling billboards. With the 3M IJ180CV3 and 8518 gloss laminate, Independent Power Systems‘ vehicles not only deliver services but also convey professionalism and reliability. The flawless execution, facilitated by Wrapmate’s expertise and Summit Graphics’ artistry, has turned these vehicles into mobile ambassadors for the brand.

As Jason reflects on the impact of being a Wrapmate Pro, it’s evident that vehicle wraps are more than just advertising—they are a powerful tool for brand recognition. The rolling billboards don’t just generate business; they create a visual identity that lingers in the minds of potential clients. Summit Graphics, with the support of Wrapmate, continues to grow, meeting the dynamic needs of their customers and leaving an indelible mark on the streets of Denver.

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Wrapmate Pro Installation of Independent Power Systems

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