Animal Rescue Nonprofit Collaboration

Jeff Luery

We’re beyond thrilled to announce our new customer story project in collaboration with Southern California-based animal rescue nonprofit, Viva Global Rescue. Viva is an NGO that offers rescue, rehabilitation and sanctuary to horses and animals who have been involved in natural disasters or were raised in poor living situations. They’re on a mission to take in injured, neglected, and/or abused animals to provide them with state-of-the-art care and give them a second chance at life.

Some of Viva’s impactful programs include:

1. Natural Disaster Rescue and Response – Rescue response team as a result of fires, earthquakes and mudslides.
2. Horse Sanctuary – A permanent home to roam stress-free.
3. Pet Adoption – Created for cats, dogs and horses who need a new place to call home.
4. Wild Mustang Program – At-risk mustangs are given shelter and care with their best interests in mind.

To help Viva Global Rescue on their mission of saving the world one animal at a time, we knew we could help create a wrap for their horse trailer that would communicate their mission in a way that shouted their core values and purpose to the communities they serve. Throughout the process of bringing their wrap to life, we had the opportunity to sit down with Viva Founders Maya Benperlas and Kalli Quigg to learn more about what animal rescue means to them.

View Their Wrapmate Story Video Here:

Wrapmate helps animal rescue nonprofit, Viva Global Rescue, transform the look of their horse trailer.

Check Out Some Shots of the Process:

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