Wrapmate Creates Subaru Car Wrap for Mobility Prosthetics

Marketing Team

Wrapmate recently teamed up with Mobility Prosthetics for an inspiring Customer Story. 

Mobility Prosthetics is a unique company with a special mission: to improve the quality of life for individuals who have lost a limb due to an accident or disease. They achieve this by using the latest technology to create custom-molded prosthetic devices that enable patients to regain their motion and lead a more fulfilling life. 

With a growing presence in over 16 cities, Mobility Prosthetics is dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of its patients.

Wrapmate is a company that has created a tech-forward managed marketplace that specializes in vehicle wraps. Our team was eager to partner with Mobility Prosthetics to help them promote their brand and mission. 

Our creative, in-house design team worked very closely with Brian Greer. He’s the founder of the ambitious 3D printing prosthetics company. We helped him create a Subaru car wrap design that would help emphasize his goal of changing the lives of his patients.

The wrap design was inspired by Mobility Prosthetics’ logo and incorporated a striking combination of colors and patterns. We used 3M vinyl film to create a vibrant and durable wrap that would stand out on the road and promote the company’s brand message.

Working with Brian and his team was a truly rewarding experience for us. We were inspired by their dedication and passion for helping people. Plus, we were proud to be able to contribute to their cause by creating a Subaru car wrap that would help spread their message.

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Watch their Wrapmate Customer Story:

Brian Greer, Founder of Mobility Prosthetics, shares his experience wrapping his SUV with Wrapmate.

Here are some beautiful shots of their Subaru car wrap

Mobility Prosthetics' Brian Greer Reviewing Wrapmate Subaru car wrap
Wrapmate Pro Installer wrapping Mobility Prosthetics Subaru Car Wrap
Mobility Prosthetics Subaru Car Wrap - Designed by Wrapamte
Mobility Prosthetics Subaru Car Wrap - Designed by Wrapmate

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