Suntown Sparkling Gain Beverage Graphics

Jeff Luery

We had the pleasure of helping Suntown Sparkling, a Denver-based CBD infused beverage startup wrap their delivery van. We took their 2002 Chevy Express and helped them breathe new life into it with a bright, colorful design.

View Their Wrapmate Story Video Here:

Watch how we helped Suntown Sparkling revamp their delivery van with a vibrant wrap!

Their Business & Product
With the CBD industry growing at such a rapid rate, Jordan and his team at Suntown have managed to position themselves quite nicely with with a healthy, delicious CBD-infused beverage that has been gaining popularity ever since their launch. Their beverages infuse the perfect amount of CBD to provide a feeling of relaxation and focus, not to mention they have zero calories!

The Strategy Behind The Design
Suntown’s first flavor is called “Citra”, named after the citra hop. Their highly anticipated new flavor is “Tropic”, which will be releasing to the public in the upcoming weeks. In order to help build hype and promote their new flavor across the city of Denver, the can art for the new Tropic flavor was a key focal point in this design. Since the wrap installation has been completed and Jordan has been driving around the city making deliveries, his branding is not only catching people’s eye everywhere he goes but potential customers and vendors are constantly asking him for samples of the new flavor!

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