Wrapmate Announces Developer Internship

Shawn Holmes

Wrapmate is proud to announce the initiation of our developer internship, and are seeking an enthusiastic programmer to help create one of the many key systems that run our business. We’re accepting applications effective immediately, with the expected start date in mid-to-late October.

This is a 12-week paid internship, in which you will be introduced to the exciting industry of wrapping…anything! Still not sure what that is? It’s how we get from this…

…to this:

It’s ok if you’re unfamiliar with the graphics industry — if you are looking to gain real world programming experience and grow your development skills in a diverse, inclusive environment, I strongly urge you to apply. It is our goal to ensure that programmers participating in our internship program are nurtured and supported, deepening the skills necessary to be successful in tech, irrespective of where their next opportunity may take them (though we have to be honest, we’d love it if they chose to stay on!) We’re committed to teaching you the business, and it is our hope that you have some fun along the way!

Internship Details

In the technical team, you’ll be mentored 1:1 by a senior leader who brings 23 years of their own experience developing software to the table. The technical team is passionate about developing software with care and precision, and is determined to prevent the horror stories of relentless hours, missed deadlines, and the barrage of interruptions from non-essential meetings.

To help provide some context, here are but a few of the items on the technical team’s plate:

  • Improving the performance of existing applications and how well they leverage AWS-native capabilities.
  • Examining new ways to dynamically deploy configuration-based builds to integrate A/B tests directly into our deployment pipeline.
  • Experimenting with new technologies in the area of machine learning and 3D rendering to determine what is possible.
  • Improving our website’s ability to capture customer requests, while decreasing the pain of form field fatigue.
  • Building internal tools that make life easier for some of our other teams at Wrapmate.

The focus of our internship program will have you exploring that last bullet in greater detail. We’ll ensure you flex your professional development muscle in several categories in order to cover a wide variety of needs that the tech industry demands of developers. You’ll be mentored on:

  • Stable, scalable software engineering: Working with & expanding upon a REST API that is an essential part of our business process, while growing your experience in the differences between development systems and production-ready ones.
  • Automation: Getting hands-on exposure to current manual processes, so that you may assist us in finding ways to automate.
  • User Experience: Collecting feedback from internal customers, critically looking at process gaps, and thoughtfully implementing the right solutions.
  • SDLC & CI/CD: Seeing development requests through from “cradle to grave”, which includes capturing the details of the request, scoping the work, developing against Wrapmate’s codebase in source control, testing, deploying through our automated pipeline, and verifying the completed work.
  • Planning & execution: What it takes to effectively plan out your work, communicate expectations, and follow through on commitments. while avoiding pitfalls that commonly plague software development.

Who We’re Looking For

We’re looking for an enthusiastic junior developer that has experience in developing a web application. You should understand the basics of web development, particularly:

  • The fundamentals of building functional software: writing the code, debugging, troubleshooting, and releasing.
  • How those fundamentals are applied to web applications — how the logical components of a web application are divided and where responsibilities lie.
  • Some experience writing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, along with experience in at least one relational database (eg. MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.), and one language used in the middle tier (eg. Ruby, C#, Java, Node.js, etc.)
  • Experience using containers like Docker is a plus, but not required!

We don’t expect you to know how all our systems work the day you arrive — remember, we’ll teach you. The most important factor we care about is your willingness to try, make mistakes, learn, and improve. At Wrapmate, we care about professional growth, and we hope you will too.

This position is based out of our Denver, Colorado office, located in the DTC, but it can (if you choose) be 100% remote, so please do not hesitate to apply if you don’t happen to live in the Mile High City. And if you do happen to be here, you’re free to adjust your schedule to be in the office as much or as little as what fits your schedule – as is standard policy with all of Wrapmate’s employees.

The Wrapmate team operates on trust, accountability and kindness to one another, so it is essential that we bring someone into our internship program that is motivated, self-driven, and able to challenge decisions while respecting each other. At the end of day, we are a team, and that means being open to feedback, seeing it as an opportunity to grow and improve, never as a personal attack. We learn from each other, constantly.


Wrapmate’s internship pays the industry average for an equivalent Ruby on Rails developer with 1-2 years of experience, based on Denver rates, which positions this salary around $64,000/yr. Upon completing the internship, if Wrapmate extends a full time position to the candidate, the salary will be 125% of the industry average, bringing the base salary to $80,000/yr, at which time a benefits package with health insurance will be included.

How to Apply

Submit an application to the internship program by emailing internship@wrapmate.com and include a copy of your resume. Tell us about yourself and how you see becoming a part of the Wrapmate team. We encourage you to share any examples of the work you’ve done that you’re particularly proud of, and don’t be afraid to mention challenges you faced, and how you overcame them. The technical team loves tech (obviously!) so we’d love to hear why you love it, too.

We’ll review all submissions to the program between now and October 9th, and you’ll hear from us by October 16th if we’ve decided to move forward with an interview. Rest easy: there won’t be any mensa-grade puzzles or awful whiteboarding sessions. We’re keenly aware of how awful technical interviews are — this will be about you, and what you bring to the Wrapmate table. We’re committed to making a decision by October 23rd, with a start date at the beginning of November.