Price Calculator Added To Augmented Reality App

Jeff Luery

Wrapmate has just released a new and improved version of its heavily-used augmented reality (AR) application for vehicle graphics, available on iOS for iPhone and iPad.

Wrapmate’s AR app allows business owners to visualize a potential vehicle graphic mockup for their brand with two simple clicks. Users can load their design on a phone screen and view their vehicle graphic on a 3D vehicle model that is digitally imposed in real space. For all businesses interested in getting graphics on their vehicles, this AR experience helps decision makers interact with the product as its digital version sits in their driveway, office parking lot, in front of their store or trucking depot… Before they even commit to purchasing it!

Today, Wrapmate is proud to announce major upgrades to the app which are essential to the customer experience of selecting and purchasing vehicle graphics. In addition to the innovative tech already implemented, customers can now use the first real-time vehicle graphics price calculator ever implemented in a mobile app.

“After engaging with thousands of businesses, we found that transparent pricing is the most important deciding factor for business owners when looking into buying vehicle graphics. We wanted to create a simple and fast solution for customers to get a ballpark estimate for their graphics, then have the ability to move forward with completing their project, all on the same platform,” says CEO Chris Loar.

Customers simply provide a few details about what kind of vehicle graphics they wish to purchase and the app calculates an estimate for them within 30 seconds. All achieved without any phone calls or emails. If customers wish to proceed and make it a reality, we’ll start working with them on an official quote and finalizing their design. Then, a local Wrapmate Pro will facilitate print and install.

To complement the introduction of the in-app price calculator, Wrapmate AR now supports trailers in its suite of vehicle options to help further service their growing list of trailer customers. Businesses can generate their own design on a 360-degree rotating trailer image right in the app.

Customers interested in checking out the app and getting a price estimate for their vehicle graphics project can make it happen here!

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