General Contractor Vehicle Wrap Designs and Examples

Marketing Team

At Wrapmate, we consistently receive inquiries about General Contractor vehicle wrap designs and their impact on vehicles.

More significantly, our customers are eager to understand the genuine value their budget can achieve when considering a vehicle wrap.

To address these inquiries, we’ve compiled a collection of general contractor-style vehicle wrap designs, each paired with its corresponding price ranges outlined below.

Small wraps

Small wraps cover about 25% of your vehicle’s surface. Our skilled vehicle wrap design team strategically places spot graphics and decals to enhance visibility. These general contractor small car wraps offer complete customization, cost-effectiveness, and are specifically designed for precise local targeting.

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Medium wraps

Medium wraps cover a range from 25% to 50% of your vehicle. This partial wrap is meticulously designed to enhance visibility by targeting the most prominent areas of your van, truck, or car. Choosing a medium wrap results in increased visibility, improved brand recognition, and a measurable return on your investment.

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Large wraps

Large wraps cover a significant area, ranging from 50% to 75% of your vehicle’s surface. Our design team excels in seamlessly blending your vehicle’s color, giving the impression of a full wrap. Opting for a large general contractor wrap not only presents your business professionally but also integrates custom designs aligned with your company’s branding. This comprehensive coverage serves as an ideal, non-intrusive marketing solution.

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Full wraps

Full wraps provide complete coverage, ensuring every area of your general contractor vehicle is covered from bumper to bumper. Our team of expert vehicle graphics designers showcases their skill in creating an eye-catching full wrap. It’s common to start attracting new customers on the day your vehicle is wrapped. Full wraps essentially transform your vehicle into a mobile billboard, continuously promoting your business throughout the year. Apart from their marketing impact, they also provide vehicle protection and offer a significant competitive edge.

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